Lafayette County Planning Department

1001 Main St
Lexington, MO  64067

All permits are issued by appointment only.  Please call 660-259-4439 to set up an appointment time. Acceptable forms of payment are cash or check. 
The Lafayette County Planning & Economic Development Office has jurisdiction over only the unincorporated areas of Lafayette County, or those areas outside of city limits.  If you live within an incorporated city, you will need to contact your city hall regarding any planning and zoning matters as they have jurisdiction inside their city boundaries.

The role of the Lafayette County Planning Department is to encourage and protect investment in Lafayette County.  Responsibilities of the department include:
  • Implement the Comprehensive Plan, which is the long-range guide for development;
  • Administer the Land Use Development Code, which includes all County zoning and subdivision regulations;
  • Process applications for building permits, sewage permits, rezoning, special use permits, variances, farm splits, conservation subdivisions, development plans and more;
  • Provide recommendations and support to the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment and the County Commission; and
  • Provide information to the public, including realtors, appraisers, developers, contractors and property owners.
The Planning Department also is the ideal starting point to learn more about investing in Lafayette County.  If we don’t have the information you need, we’ll get it for you or make sure to get you to the right place.

Land Use Development Code and Comprehensive Plan:
                Land Development Code 2016  pdf

                Comprehensive Plan  pdf

    View County Maps:

                Future Land Use Map  pdf (adopted April 2013)

                Tiers Map  pdf (adopted April 2013)

               Draft Zoning Map 2013 pdf

    Please use the zoning layer in our GIS mapping system to obtain updated property zoning information.  For detailed requests, please call 660-259-4439
    Please do not purchase land, divide land, start construction, begin a business, or plan development in unincorporated parts of the County without first consulting the Lafayette County Planning & Economic Development Office.  Permits must be issued prior to beginning any construction, or associated fines will be applied.
    Notice to All Landowners

    The Lafayette County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, December 12, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lafayette County Sheriff Training Room located at 107 S 11th St, Lexington, MO. 64067. The purpose of this hearing is to consider a request from applicant(s) Troy Shaw and Kenneth Seitz, for a Preliminary Plat Review of Lazy S Acres Subdivision.  The subject properties are located on Highway D and the parcel numbers are 13-7.0-25-0-000-025.090 (Seitz) and 13-7.0-25-0-000-025.070 (Troy Shaw/T & A Investments, LLC). The combined 43.72 acres is zoned Light Industrial (LI).

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact Lafayette County Planning & Economic Development, at 660-259-4439 or email